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Used Callaway RAZR X Iron Set - Uniflex Flex - Callaway RAZR X Steel Steel ShaftCallaway RAZR X Iron Set

4.8 ( 17 )
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Configure Your RAZR X Iron Set

Features & Specs

Men's Callaway RAZR X

Standard Composition, Uniflex Flex, Standard Length, Black/None Standard Lie Angle

Steel Callaway RAZR X Steel Shaft


The Callaway RAZR X irons feature RAZR technology which repositions the center of gravity lower and deeper in the head, resulting in the forgiveness of a wide-sole iron without sacrificing the playability of a thin-sole iron. This provides the player who desires shot-shaping capability and a clean look from address with the forgiveness of bulkier clubs. The new VFT Power System precisely positions the center of gravity and maximizes ball speed throughout the set.


Great tech, great irons

Review by Shawn, 12 years ago.

“In a world dominated by a quest for distance, Callaway wised up and released a fantastic all around iron set with the Razr X. First off, these are GI clubs but not relegated to high handicaps. They are quite playable for most shots out there. High draw, check. Low fade, check. Straight, you bet. The absolute greatest thing about these clubs is the distance control, so that's why I put it first, hoping that you'll at least read this far..... They're not the longest thing out there, but in terms of dispersion, their advertising is spot on. You can hit these things just knowing you're going to be in the target area. My biggest beef with the distance clubs is that you'll fly one shot way long, then the next slight mishit knocks 20+ yards off the shot. How can you expect to find the green if you've got a 20+ yard window between a perfect strike and a little miss? With the Razrs, I'd say it drops down into the 5-10 yard range for all but the most severe misses. That's good in case you were wondering. Before moving on to looks and feel, let's talk tech. The distance control has been covered, but these things are revolutionary. Someone finally figured out that soles on GI clubs were getting too wide in an effort to get the center of gravity back and low. It was affecting shots. With the Razrs, Callaway kept the weight but moved it up a bit in their razr cavity (for lack of a better term). This creates the low, back COG we all desire, but it keeps the sole thin for turf interaction. Way to go Callaway! This should really open the clubs up to better players longing for a bit more forgiveness on their off days. BTW, I'm a 10 handicap and love GI clubs. A blade looks great at address, but I don't get to play a ton and want to have a good time when I do. Looks wise, they look a bit busy, but that's not an issue when hitting the ball. All you see is a nice, thick, confidence inspiring topline. The chrome finish does scratch pretty easily, but it's a golf club that's designed to hit the ground. As for feel, this is a GI club. You don't get that fantastic feeling on a perfect strike (still feels good) or have that pain shooting through your body on a bad strike. I'd call this right in line with most GI sets. Forgiveness is huge with these. I've alluded to it with the distance stuff, but you really can miss quite a bit with good results. I'd say they're excellent for slightly thin shots, almost too good since the ball lands pretty hot and you might bounce right over the green. For missing left and right on the face, they're also quite good. If you miss high on the face (slightly fat), you'll see the most distance loss. Ball flight with these is pretty high. That's good for most people and would probably be the biggest negative if you ask a lower handicap. But you know what? Most people have no clue how high really good players hit the ball. I hear a lot of whining about needing to lower flight, but unless you live in a wind tunnel, high is good. Just go watch a tour event in person, come back, and tell me if you think you hit the ball too high. I'm not really sure what else to say.... give these clubs a shot. They're going to take me down to scratch, and they can do the same for you. These kind of remind me of my old Eye 2s with the thin soles and high forgiveness.”

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Very Accurate

Review by Jimbuk2, 12 years ago.

“I have only been to the range with them a few times so far but have a lot of balls. I am an 8 handicap and was playing burner 2.0 model before this. I find the feel much better and they are defintley more accurate. I dont think are quite as long as the burner but very small difference if any. This is also teh first time I am using graphite shafts do to some arthirits so I was concerned they would feel dull but they are really solid and wehn you hit it pure the feel is similar to that of a forged blade. Mishits are very accurate. I am buying a second set of them so these are keepers, at least for this season!”

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Great Clubs!!

Review by Michael, 12 years ago.

“These clubs are absolutely amazing. I had Cobra irons before these which I hit decent but these clubs are ten times better. I can hit any of the irons solid and have extremely great control. I really have to have a bad swing to mess up a shot with these clubs. I improved my game by about 10 strokes with these clubs and a new driver. I was hitting in the low high 80s and low 90s now I am consistently hitting low 80s and had a personal best of a 76. The Razr X's produce a solid feel when they strike the ball as well as provide great distance. I tried the forged clubs before these and the shaft was too heavy for me to get around quick enough. Anyone who has struggled with consistency of iron shots should look into buying these clubs.”

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Getting better

Review by Luis Saca, 12 years ago.

“Let me start by saying that I have been playing for about 1 solid year, I have tried a lot of different types of clubs and always tried to get the better game improvement clubs. I tried the Cobra SZ's, S2's and before getting the RAZR X's I played the Burner 2009's. Now you know that I have tried different kinds of clubs, let me say that these RAZR x's are the best, I went from shooting in the 100's to the high 80's with these with the possibility of shooting low 80's if I can get my putting right. Like everyone else says you do lose some distance with these, but you are awarded with consistent accuracy, I do recommend you range your clubs before you head out to the course since the distance will be different. Overall the feel, playability and the workablity with these is amazing for a GI club. HIGHLY RECOMMEDED if you don't want to suck at golf.”

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Review by Majestic, 12 years ago.

“All I can say is wow with these clubs. I purchased these clubs and played with them for the first time yesterday. My previous iron set was the Big Berthas, which I hit very well. It took me about 8 holes until I finally got comfortable with them but after that they performed amazing...very straight ball flight even from the longer clubs! I was even putting back spin on my wedge approach shots which I've never been able to do before. I am a 17 handicap but I think that will be lowered after purchasing this set.”

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