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Guide to Buying Used Srixon Golf Clubs

Nov 03, 2022

Guide to Buying Used Srixon Golf Clubs

Like its XXIO Golf counterparts, Srixon Golf originated in Asia but expanded to the U.S. in 1997. In 2007, Srixon acquired Cleveland Golf and now the three brands are under one umbrella.

When you think of Srixon, their golf balls probably come to mind first. However, their golf clubs, mainly drivers through irons, are making a splash on tour and on your local course. Many tour players, like Brooks Koepka, Hideki Matsuyama, and Hannah Green play Srixon drivers and irons and Cleveland wedges. The combination of these brands, along with XXIO, make them marketable to any player.

Below, we’ll note some of the most popular used Srixon golf clubs and why buying used has plenty of benefits beyond saving money.

Benefits of Buying Used Srixon Golf Clubs

When you buy a used Srixon driver or a new Srixon iron set, you’re doing so to get upgraded technology without paying full price. At 3balls, we like to go beyond that money saving idea and see why else buying used Srixon golf clubs - or pre-owned golf clubs, in general - is a great idea.

1. Upgrade Your Golf Club Technology

Golf club technology rapidly advances within 5 years, so if you haven’t upgraded your golf bag in that time, you want to start looking. A simple golf club change can result in 10 yards of distance! 3balls has the largest selection of used golf clubs, and if Srixon Golf’s your brand or about to be, you’ve found the best prices.

2. Buy More by Saving More with Used Srixon Golf Clubs

Think about all the money you just saved by buying used Srixon irons. Now you can pivot and wonder what else you can buy to help your game because you just saved so much more than you were expecting. Buying used golf clubs at 3balls means you find the best deals so you can invest less into your golf game and get more.

3. Up Your Golf Club Trade-in Value

Trade in your golf clubs for the best market value is not the norm, but at 3balls, it is. When you trade in your golf clubs at 3balls, you can use that credit towards your next purchase. Imagine being able to upgrade your golf clubs to the newer models each year because you have a solid investment to trade in - even if your clubs are from a few seasons ago!

Explore 3balls’ Used Srixon Golf Club Selection

Srixon golf clubs focus on drivers, fairway woods, hybrids and irons, which is exactly what’s available on 3balls. Shop used golf clubs, from Srixon’s used irons to a pre-owned driver, and save.

You can trust our Certified Pre-owned golf clubs process because we ensure you’re receiving the exact club and club condition you purchased; we also fully vet, clean and accurately categorize these used golf clubs so you can buy with confidence.

Below are some of our bestselling Srixon pre-owned golf club options.

Used Srixon Drivers

When you’re looking to save money on golf clubs, the first club most people think about is a used driver. These are large-ticket items and can cost more than you’re willing to pay, but when you shop used Srixon drivers at 3balls, they become much more affordable. Add that new-to-you piece of hardware to your golf bag and watch your game grow.

Here are some examples of pre-owned Srixon drivers you can purchase at 3balls:

  • Used Srixon ZX5 drivers

  • Used Srixon Z-785 drivers

Used Srixon Fairway Woods

Fairway woods are difficult to find and oftentimes difficult to hit, but there’s one for everyone, and it could be Srixon. The technology in new and used Srixon fairway woods tends to be for lower handicap players, so if you enjoy Srixon drivers, you’ll probably love these - the tour players sure do!

Shop pre-owned Srixon fairway woods in a variety of conditions and prices:

  • Used Srixon ZX fairway woods

  • Used Srixon Z F85 fairway woods

Used Srixon Hybrids

Srixon Golf offers hybrids and utility hybrids, so no matter which you prefer, you’ll likely find both on 3balls. Shop used Srixon hybrids that the pros play or look for an option for your weekend rounds.

Here are a couple used Srixon hybrids and utility clubs on 3balls:

  • Used Srixon ZX hybrids

  • Used Srixon ZX utility irons

Used Srixon Irons and Iron Sets

When you think about other large-ticket items in your golf bag, iron sets are definitely a consideration; with their regularly high prices, shopping Srixon’s used iron selection is a no-brainer. With some of the latest models available for both low and high handicaps, 3balls has plenty to offer those looking for some extra distance or workability.

Here are just some of the used Srixon irons available in many great conditions on 3balls:

  • Used Srixon ZX7 irons

  • Used Srixon ZX5 irons

  • Used Srixon Z-Forged irons

Finding the Right Deals on Srixon Golf Clubs

It’s always worth a look at 3balls’ deals on prior season Srixon golf clubs because we usually have tons of great options to offer

Discover which golf clubs pique your interest or immediately head toward the club type that will fill your gap perfectly; either way, you won’t find lower prices and higher trade-in values anywhere else.