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Apr 06, 2022

How to Buy Used Golf Clubs

There are any number of good reasons to buy used golf clubs. Many better golfers want their games to benefit from the very latest technology. But their budgets can only afford last season’s models.

Others shop for used clubs to round out an incomplete set or replace lost clubs. Another type, the treasure hunter, is always on the lookout for a valuable club or golf club set offered at a bargain.

But most often these days it’s the newcomer who wants to dip a toe in before spending a load of cash diving into the latest equipment.

With the “new normal” in the world, there has been a surge of interest in golf that the game hasn’t seen in a long time. With all the new arrivals, coupled with those returning to the game after an absence, buying used golf clubs is more popular than ever. Whether you’re looking for used men’s golf clubs or used women’s golf clubs, you will find plenty online.

The thing about popularity and hot markets like used golf clubs — you’re going to find some shady actors who are only out to make a buck. Some will misrepresent the condition of their products and make returns difficult or impossible. There are even some unscrupulous actors selling counterfeits.

As one of golf’s favorite and most trusted destinations for quality used golf clubs, 3Balls wants to help make your next purchase of used golf clubs totally satisfying. Let this guide help you navigate the marketplace and make good choices; you’ll be playing your best golf for less money because you found the best place to buy used golf clubs.

What to Look for When Buying Used Golf Clubs

Start with where you’re buying. Golfers do not lack for outlets in the used golf club space, from online auctions and classifieds to online stores and traditional brick and mortar retailers. Some golf equipment companies also have channels for selling their branded preowned golf clubs. So where does a golfer looking for a deal on golf clubs turn?

The number one thing to look for is reputation. Shop with a reputable dealer and you will get what is advertised, and have recourse when what you get doesn’t measure up. If the dealer you’re considering doesn’t have a return policy, keep looking.

Understand that getting what you paid for demands that you have a clear idea of what it is you’re buying. You may think you’re buying a stock set of used irons in mint condition. But what wasn’t spelled out was that the previous owner had the lengths cut 1.5”, the lie angle bent 2-degrees upright and added oversized grips. A reputable dealer in used golf equipment will have full descriptions including the specifications and conditions so that there are no surprises when the clubs arrive.

Here at, condition determines price points. Whether it’s a single used club or a full used golf club set, every driver, hybrid, fairway wood, iron set, wedge and putter is carefully evaluated and routed into one of four categories — Bargain, Very Good, Awesome or Like New — and priced accordingly.

Wherever you choose to purchase used golf equipment, look for some form of rating scale and a definition of each category. If your “like new” driver arrives with deep dings, paint chipping and sky marks, you probably want to cross that dealer off your list.

Do Golf Clubs Have a “Sell-By” Date?

The pace of technology advancements over the past decade can leave golfers wondering how much their game suffers by not keeping up.

While nothing replaces good swing fundamentals and practice, game improvement clubs come by their name honestly. The science and engineering behind new club designs have never been more tested, precise and proven. Each new generation of design does in fact help improve the games of higher handicaps by minimizing the effect of bad hits. This is especially true for the longer clubs in your bag.

Today’s drivers, fairway woods and hybrids can indeed lose some of their pop over time. All metals, including titanium, suffer from fatigue over repeated actions. And if you happen to be a player who can really move it, the lifespan of your driver is even shorter.

For “players” irons like forged blades, as well as wedges and putters, the life span is longer and usually comes down to the condition of the grooves. But, generally speaking, if you have owned your golf clubs for more than seven years, the advances in technology will likely help your game.

Callaway Golf, TaylorMade Golf and PING Golf — Always a Good Place to Start

At last count, the number of brands in the used golf club market was, well, countless. Famous brands, lesser known brands and now-extinct brands. Worst of all, there are companies knocking off quality brands with inferior counterfeits. All the more reason to buy used clubs from reputable dealers and shop known brands.

There are many advantages to sticking with golf’s leading equipment brands like Callaway preowned golf clubs, TaylorMade preowned golf clubs and PING preowned golf clubs. These brands represent the very best in design, engineering and build quality. Just as important for the used golf club shopper, these brands also introduce new equipment designs every year.

Golf Club Trade-Ins Can Pave the Way to Your Next Set

With avid golfers’ insatiable hunger for improvement, there is always a constant search for an extra yard or two off the tee, an extra putt or two made in a round. If that means trading in the clubs they bought last year for this year’s models, that’s a small price to pay.

Their trade-ins are your opportunity to bag near-new technology in near-mint condition. And let’s not forget about your own trade-in potential. Depending on the vintage of your current golf clubs, the golf club trade-in value found in your golf bag can help offset the cost of your used golf club purchase. Imagine what trading in your used Callaway golf clubs could get you!

Here at we have the best trade-in deal in golf. We make it fast and easy to evaluate your clubs, assign a trade-in value, give you instant credit on your purchase and offer you bonus reward points for further discounts on the purchase of your used clubs.

A golfer could get used to that.