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Aug 16, 2022

Your Guide to Preowned Cobra Golf Gear

Cobra Golf has released several high-performing golf clubs in the last few years. With options for every handicap, it’s no surprise that Cobra golf clubs are a hot option for anyone looking for an upgrade.

Shopping for golf clubs at 3balls gives you two great options: new and used golf clubs for just about every brand. So, if you’re looking for the latest Cobra driver, but you’re hoping to save some money, it’s well worth a look at 3balls’ large selection of used Cobra drivers. You never know what kind of deal you’ll find.

Benefits of Buying Used Cobra Golf Clubs

The biggest motivator for buying used Cobra golf clubs is the lower price tag; however, saving money leads to plenty of other advantages when you shop last season’s models. Plus, there are few extra benefits when you buy used golf clubs.

1. Upgrade Your Technology

Shopping last year’s technology will still be a huge upgrade, especially if your golf clubs are five years or older. With Cobra Golf coming out with fantastic innovation in each model, you’ll likely see big impacts on your game thanks to the upgraded technology.

2. Buy More Golf Clubs

When you buy a used Cobra driver, for example, that leaves you with some leftover money for Cobra irons, fairway woods or more. Buying used golf clubs at 3balls allows you to save without sacrificing performance.

3. You’ll Have Increased Golf Club Trade-in Value

At 3balls, you also have the unique opportunity to easily trade in your golf clubs for their best value and use that credit towards your next purchase. While trading in the latest model after a year will offer the most value, going back a model or two prior will also get you a higher trade-in value.

Explore 3balls’ Cobra Pre-Owned Options

There are plenty of used Cobra golf clubs to fill your bag when you shop at 3balls. Thanks to our process, you’ll find plenty of Cobra Certified Pre-Owned golf clubs that are fully vetted, cleaned and accurately categorized so you know the exact condition of the club you just bought.

Below are some of our bestselling Cobra golf club options.

Used Cobra Drivers

Cobra LTDx Blue Driver

Buying used drivers is one of the best ways to make a big impact on your game while saving the most. If you want to buy this season’s model, you can still buy a used, rarely played driver and take off quite a bit of that price tag.

Here are some examples of used Cobra drivers you can buy that are in Awesome and Like New conditions:

  • Used Cobra LTDx drivers

  • Used Cobra AIR-X drivers

  • Used Cobra RADSPEED drivers

  • Used Cobra FMax AirSpeed drivers

Used Cobra Fairway Woods

Cobra RADSpeed Draw Black/Pink Women 3 Wood

Finding the right 3-wood can be difficult, and finding one at a reasonable price can be more difficult; that’s where 3balls’ used Cobra fairway woods come in.

Shop Cobra fairway woods that give you forgiveness, distance or both. Below are some of examples of available used fairway woods:

  • Used Cobra LTDx fairway woods

  • Used Cobra AIR-X fairway woods

  • Used Cobra RADSPEED fairway woods

  • Used Cobra SPEEDZONE fairway woods

Used Cobra Hybrids

Cobra RADSpeed Hybrid

Cobra hybrids are a great way to fill that gap in your golf bag. See which options match your distance and then find one that fits your budget on 3balls.

Here are some of the top-performing Cobra hybrids that you can find pre-owned on 3balls:

  • Used Cobra LTDx hybrids

  • Used Cobra AIR-X hybrids

  • Used Cobra RADSPEED hybrids

  • Used Cobra SPEEDZONE hybrids

Used Cobra Irons

Cobra LTDx Iron Set

Buying used irons from Cobra gives you quite the opportunity: now you can try the Cobra one-length irons you’ve secretly or not-so-secretly eyeing.

Inspired by Bryson DeChambeau, the Cobra one-length irons are exactly what they sound like - each iron is the same length so that you theoretically can take the same swing every time. DeChambeau has found success with these irons, and now you can, too.

Just about every set recently released by Cobra Golf has a one-length iron equivalent. Here are the Cobra iron sets that come in both standard and one-length options:

  • Used Cobra LTDx irons

  • Used Cobra RADSPEED irons

  • Used Cobra SPEEDZONE irons

  • Used Cobra KING Forged TEC irons

Used Cobra Wedges

Cobra King MIM Black Classic Grind Lob Wedge

You may be surprised to find used Cobra wedges for sale, yet 3balls has them and they’re well worth a look! Most of our wedges are in Awesome and Like New condition, which means there’s very little wear on the grooves.

You can find a variety of wedges on our site, from sand wedges to gap wedges to lob wedges.

Here are a couple lines of used Cobra wedges you may find:

  • Used Cobra RADSPEED wedges

  • Used Cobra KING MIM wedges

  • Used Cobra KING F8 wedges

  • Used Cobra one-length wedges from various lines

Used Cobra Putters

Cobra King 3D Agera Putter

Last but certainly not least are used Cobra putters. You can find your new favorite putter in the perfect condition for you on 3balls. Many Cobra putters are mallets, so if you have a straight-back, straight-through putting stroke, you’re in luck.

Below are a few examples of used Cobra putters in Awesome or Like New condition available on 3balls at the time of this publication:

  • Used Cobra KING 3D Agera putter

  • Used Cobra KING 3D Agera 30 putter

  • Used Cobra KING Vintage Stingray 40 putter

Finding the Right Deals on Cobra Golf Clubs

Determining your priorities when searching for used Cobra golf clubs can help you easily navigate the buying process with confidence.

If you’re looking for very current technology, you can shop the current or recent lines in Awesome or Like New conditions; on the flip side, your savings may not be as large.

If you’re looking for bargains and deals on prior season Coba Golf Clubs, you’ll be able to sort through plenty of options that can save you more money and level up your game.

The best part is, that wide array is available on 3balls. Shop our used Cobra golf clubs and find that extra power, accuracy and forgiveness without breaking the bank.