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Aug 02, 2022

Affordable Golf Accessories from Divot

Everyone is looking for quality golf equipment and must-have golf accessories at a fair price, but with so many brands to choose from, it can be hard to determine if you’re really getting value for the product. Say goodbye to the guess work because with Divot, you can be sure that you’re getting exceptional value on high-quality golf accessories.

Divot offers great golf accessories for less. These are golf training aids that work, from foam practice golf balls to rubber golf tees and more to help you improve your game.

And by offering golf accessories that are manufactured at a high quality for an exceptional value, you don’t have to worry about throwing away cheap products and rebuying them over and over again. Divot’s golf accessories are dependable and long-lasting, backed by PGA Professionals who have first-hand experience with all of the largest golf accessories manufacturers in the industry.

Take a look at some of the cool golf accessories Divot has to offer.

The Best Golf Training Aids from Divot

Whether you’re taking some time to practice your putting, golf swing or simply need to make your time on the golf course a little more hassle-free, Divot’s must-have golf accessories are here to help you improve every aspect of your game.

Foam Golf Balls and Whiffle Golf Balls

Divot 42 Foam Balls w/Bucket Practice Golf Balls
Divot 24 Air-Flow Whiffle Balls

Practicing your golf swing on foam practice golf balls or whiffle golf balls can be a great way to focus on core golf skills outside of a round of golf. Train at home with practice balls and experience off-season versatility at its finest.

Divot’s foam golf balls and whiffle balls are perfect for practice because they have limited flight and can be more easily retrieved than standard golf balls. Enjoy safe and easy practice with both of these options for cheap golf accessories.

Putting Aids and Swing Trainers

 Divot Auto Putt System Putting Aids - Green
Divot Golf Swing Groover

Finding quality swing trainers and putting aids for an affordable price can be a challenge, which is why Divot’s mission to offer great gear at an exceptional value is fantastic news for 3balls customers. Whether you want a putting mat, chipping net or golf swing trainer, there are so many golf training aids available that you can try them all!

These are some of the best golf training aids on the market for value-minded shoppers. Backed by PGA Professional expertise, you can trust that these golf training aids are the real deal, even at affordable prices.

Golf Tees

Divot Height Control Tees Combo 60pk Golf Tees
Divot 2 Pack Rubber Tees

With a choice of rubber golf tees or wooden golf tees, there are options for every golfer. These are perfect for hitting mats, backyard practice greens or on the golf course.

If you are constantly in need of golf tees, stock up on Divot golf tees because they aren’t just cheap golf accessories, they’re also helpful as you improve your game. The color coding on the plastic golf tees are there to help you hit the ball more consistently. You’ll be teeing up your driver at the same height every time and improving your consistency every single time you play.

Golf Ball Retriever and Golf Shag Bag Options

Divot Premium Shag Bag
Divot 10ft Ball Retriever Golf Ball Retriever

Any player who is looking for an easier way to retrieve golf balls, whether they’re scattered all over the driving range or floating in a water hazard, can rely on Divot.

Using a golf shag bag is ideal for any player who needs to pick up a large number of golf balls but doesn’t want to strain their back or knees. Divot’s golf shag bag products are made in durable aluminum with a strong zipper on the bag, keeping all your golf balls inside where they’re supposed to be and making your clean-up after a chipping session - dare we say - fun.

Likewise, Divot’s sturdy golf ball retrievers are lightweight and can help you retrieve golf balls in a lake from up to 10 feet away.