That’s why we pay such careful attention to inspecting every item we sell (using our tough-as-tacks, seventy point condition grading checklist), and then grade the item according to our 7 degree rating scale.

  Our goal is to bring you cool golf stuff, used, new and memorable (usually numbering in the thousands of items every day). Keeping up that pace while taking individual product photos of a high enough quality to be of any real use, would be darn near impossible...So how do we make sure you know exactly what you’re buying?

  Way better than “stock photos” (which typically don’t reflect condition at all) our “Representative Photos” have a high level of detail you don’t often find (even in “actual photos”). That’s because we’ve created a state of the art photo studio and lab so we can provide sets of highly detailed photos that are as representative of condition as possible (based on our detailed 7 degree rating scale). The benefit is that, even though it’s not an “actual photo”, we do our very best to depict the overall condition that you can come to expect.

  A product that we’ve graded in “Very Good Condition” will by definition have a certain degree of scuffing, scratching, tiny paint blemishes, shallow dings/nicking and shaft-wear. The representative photo will give you a feel for the kind of wear we’re talking about. (Naturally, your scratches may be a little to the left or right, the nicking on your actual club might be a little more toward the toe or more toward the heel, etc... but the point is, you'll be able to get a better feel for the club's overall condition with our photos because we use stock photos for different condition grades.)

  Most of the photos we use are “Representative Photos" (as described above) but occasionally a club will be unique in some way so as to require an actual photo. This may include an engraved head, an exotic shaft, or some special condition characteristic that isn’t covered in our "Representative Photos". In either case, the photo will be clearly marked so you’ll know which one you’re looking at.