What’s the Deal with Headcover Availability?

Many of our clubs come to us through our giant network of golf shops, PGA Professionals and manufacturer sales reps across the country.
As you would imagine, with hundreds of clubs arriving every day from all those different sources, some clubs come to us with head covers, and some do not.

Anytime a club comes to us with a head cover, we will always include it when we list that particular club for sale on our website.

Unfortunately, if a particular club did not come to us with a headcover, we can’t include one. What we can do is ask you to consider if the club you have your eye on is still an outstanding value (even without a head cover). We hope you’ll agree that it is.

Special Condition Notes

If there is anything special about the club that sets it apart from the same model of club in the same condition, it will be noted in the special condition notes. E.g. This club has the initials 'J.F.K.' engraved on the hosel.