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Used Golf Clubs

3balls is the home of cool used golf clubs from the top names in the game, including used Taylormade golf clubs, used Callaway golf clubs, plus used Golf clubs from Ping, Cobra, Cleveland, Mizuno and more. Most of our used golf clubs are priced at up to 80% off MSRP Prices. All of our used golf clubs are 100% authentic and every one is an outstanding value.

Used Golf Clubs
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Rigorous Inspections

Every golf club we receive here at undergoes a rigorous inspection and is rated according to condition. Here are just a few methods used here at 3balls to make sure we're providing quality clubs:

  • Tap Test – Performed by holding the head/neck and firmly tapping the shaft on the ground. This ensures shaft integrity and may alert us to loose material, loose shafts, and/or separated/damaged ferrules.
  • Twist/Grip Check – Performed by holding the head in one hand, the shaft/grip in the other, and twisting both hands in opposing directions. This further highlights loose shaft/grips and any shaft defects missed by the Tap Test.
  • Ferrule/Hosel Check – Performed by visually assessing the ferrule/hosel/neck area as well as twisting each ferrule. May highlight after-market re-shafts (which warrant further, more stringent inspections), bent hosels, separated heads/ferrules, and other issues.
  • Face/Groove Check – Performed mostly visually – checking for concave/dented faces on drivers/woods/hybrids and excessively worn or altered grooves on irons/wedges/putters. This inspection aims to filter out any of the above mentioned issues and ensures that our products perform as the manufacturer intended.
  • Head Check – Also performed mostly visually; but sometimes, running a finger along the crown or outer-edge may expose hard-to-see imperfections. This check aims to identify any cracks, large dents, missing materials, after-market alterations, and any other performance-impacting issues.

Read more about our golf club condition grading system.

Guaranteed Authentic

Golf club countefeits have become more and more difficult to detect over the years. 3balls staff are experts in identifying the tell tale signs of counterfeits. Here are just a few ways we check to make sure your club is authentic:

  • The "Eye" Test – It's not exactly the most scientific process, but since we see thousands of clubs each week, our Production guys have all developed an eye for what's real and what's fake. Most of the time, fake clubs just look "off". Whether it be the hue of paint used, the placement or alignment of text or graphics, or sometimes, even the scent; there are a multitude of different "eye" tests (or "nose" tests!) that we use to weed out the fakes.
  • Manufacturer Authenticity – If we just flat out cannot (or do not feel comfortable) making the call on real or fake, often, we'll contact the manufacturer and request them to authenticate the product for us.

So, in short, we will never sell you a counterfeit golf club!

Fully Warrantied

We are an authorized account for the top brands in the game. This means you will never have any issues with warranty or product quality. If you receive something from and wish to return it FOR ANY REASON within 30 days, please contact us at See our Returns section on the Help Desk for full information.

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