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3balls Condition Grading System

There's nothing subjective about it.

What'll you give me for this?
You say Tomato, I say Tomato, but when we're talking about club condition grading, it's what F.G. says that counts! Fair and accurate grading is ensured by the very thorough system F.G. invented. (he actually borrowed parts of it from his days as a rare coin enthusiast). Each step in the 7 point grading process adds up to a final grade (there's no room for opinion). The result is, you know exactly what you're getting and your expectations are always met, (most times they're exceeded) because F.G. is tougher than most when it comes to grading! He cuts no slack because he wants to make 100% sure that you are happy with your equipment.

Stuff you should know about everything we sell at 3balls

We pay a lot of attention to detail around here. Every single item is individually inspected, accurately graded, cleaned as needed, re-gripped if necessary (Note: all clubs will come with an installed grip that is consistent with their overall condition...or better), and carefully packed and shipped promptly.

If you ever feel that something was either not portrayed accurately or arrives in a condition other than you expected, please contact us immediately! We always want you to be happy with your purchase and offer a 100% Happy Guarantee.

Details & Condition Grading Comparison

Grade Description
New Condition - 7 Brand spankin' new!...factory original.
Like New Condition - 6 Shows virtually no traces of wear and is nearly impossible to distinguish from new. May show signs of very minor "shop wear", but in most cases, you'd be hard pressed to tell the difference from new... we just have the luxury of a super-duper magnifying glass!
Fine Condtion - 5 Shows some visible signs of limited use, but is in fantastic shape and has been exceptionally well maintained. If you look really close, you may see some minor or faint cosmetic blemishes (e.g., very light scuffing and/or scratching), but overall, the luster of new is still very much alive.
Very Good Condition - 4 Shows general wear associated with normal use over the course of a season or more but has been well cared for. Does not retain any of the "new look" but is in better than average condition. There is absolutely no sign of abuse. Cosmetic imperfections are typically visible. Examples include: scuffing, scratching, tiny paint blemishes, shallow dings/nicking, and normal shaft wear. Unless otherwise noted, there are absolutely NO pop-up marks in the crown of any woods.
Good Condition - 3 Shows frequent to heavy use but does not show any signs of abuse. Cosmetic blemishes are clearly visible and may include: pop-up marks, heavy scuffing and scratching, paint chipping, heavy finish wear, shaft burn and pitting, natural dings/nicking/gouges, etc. Ideal for those who are less concerned with cosmetics and are looking for great value and performance!
Fair Condition - 2 Shows substantial wear, heavy use, and obvious signs of abuse/neglect. The performance of this club(s) is perfectly in tact, but it definitely won't win any beauty prizes. If you can get past the cosmetics, there is plenty of life still in this one!, get it for a steal!
Poor Condition - 1 Might have been used to fungo rocks. This is a Fitz "special"! We just don't have any.

'Open Box' & Cancelled Orders

These clubs cannot be sold as new as they could have been unhit returns, floor samples, or items removed and returned to the box, without purchase. It is unlikely but Open Box, Cancelled Orders condition clubs could exhibit some minor scuffs on the sole or some other form of shop wear. Typically a very significant value!


Otherwise known as reconditioned. Usually refers to golf clubs. Examples are metalwoods that have been factory refinished or irons that have been factory sandblasted. Sometimes these clubs are indistinguishable from new, sometimes not. Always in excellent condition.

Factory Blemish

New product which has not passed inspection because of a minor cosmetic-only flaw. May or may not be noticeable. NO structural or performance defects. 100% manufacturer warranty stands. Typically a very significant value.